Formats of a Magic Show

If you ever wanted to have a magic show in your home, office or at an event that is being given by your company, it is helpful to know up front the type of magic you will want performed. Initially, I thought a magician would only appear at a birthday party and after conducting some website searches soon found that there is a variety of things that magicians can be hired to do.

If you wanted the magician to perform for a young childs birthday party then you would probably want tricks and a magician that is able to make balloon animals magicien Lyon.

What if you wanted the magician to entertain at a party where you have more than 50 guests? Then you would want the magician to be close to the guests, normally speaking with people in groups of 2-6, when doing their tricks. This is a method called “strolling”. This allows the magician to walk from one group to another performing their tricks in small doses throughout the event.

A “Formal Close-up Magic” format is applicable for a small dinner party and the magician usually gets the guests involved with the tricks. You would normally see this method in a restaurant unless the magician was hired specifically for a private dinner party.

As you schedule the type of entertainment for any party you are planning ensure that the entertainers have what they need ready prior to the show. If it is a magician then you want to have space made available for them to use. You would want the material to be age appropriate and you would use someone who is reputable, especially if they are coming to your home. If you had any special requests or needs then you would let that be known while you were making the arrangements.

Magic shows are fun and have been around for a very long time. People enjoy the entertainment and have traveled as far as Las Vegas to see various Illusionists. Remember, once they arrive and set up, then let them do their show and do not forget to sit down and enjoy it.

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